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NEWSFLASH: Opera Foundry are pleased to announce that we will be taking up residency in Richmond College from September 2015 and using the wonderful Queen Charlotte Hall for our fully staged productions (Rusalka April 2016)

Foundry:а(def) A place to (v.t) melt, mold,а

а а а а а а а а аfuse,аdevelop, create, make.

We are anаinnovative opera company dedicated to the performance of living, breathingаopera. Established in 2011 and based inаSurrey, we perform across the county and the London area.аWe present distinctive opera thatаcapturesаtheаimagination through talented voices,аcommitted actingаand most importantly aаgenuineаpassionаforаtheаrepertoire we sing - all whilst offering important performance opportunities for emerging singers of all ages.

Whetherаthe beauty of traditional repertoire, anаexciting translation, or a new contemporary piece, our vibrantаsingers carefully bring each piece to life, led and supported by experienced musical staff.а

а We are aаFoundry for opera talent.а

Coming NEXT: WINTER 2015а



а Our performances areаintimate, immersive, modern, thought- provoking, passionate.

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As well as producing high quality events for our growing audience Opera Foundry has always had the aim of supporting and developing emerging opera singers at it's core.а

Alongside offering vital performance experience for talented singers from all backgrounds, we offer each singer dedicated time with a professional vocal coach and Musical Director as part of rehearsal time. Mixing new emerging singers with more established professionals allows an exchange of experience and broadens the age range of the group, allowing for a greater diversity of repertoire and voice.а

We have supported the careers of singers who have graduated from some of the finest international music colleges alongside those who have taken alternative paths into opera, and those currently working in the professional music world.

а'Developing and growing the future of opera………'

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Opera Foundry аoperates as a Charity and abides by the constitution and guidelines recommended by the Charities Commission for small charities.аWe are in the process of applying to be a registered charity.

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